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KINGTECH Helping Aerospace Profile Processing

With the rapid development of the aviation industry, higher and higher requirements are placed on the processing of industrial aluminum profiles. In particular, high-speed military and civil aircraft require more sophisticated products to make the structure of each component more reasonable and ensure structural quality. Light, strong and rigid, while significantly reducing the number of parts, reducing the cost of assembly, joints and maintenance. Ensure a perfect surface (seal, no seams, no deformation, etc.).

Large industrial aluminum profiles are particularly important structural components on aircraft, requiring profiles with excellent mechanical performance. Because aerospace has a particularly high processing requirement for aluminum alloy parts, only the 7-series aluminum alloy with the highest hardness value of all aluminum alloys can be used, and the 6-series aluminum alloy has medium hardness, which can only meet the requirements of normal production.

KINGTECH specializes in the development of special profile machining centers based on the structural characteristics of aerospace aluminum alloys, processing complex parts such as flat parts, slender parts, multi-chamber parts, and ultra-thin wall partitions.

KINGTECH Gantry Machining Center adopts Five-Axis Machining, A-axis stroke ±105 degrees, C-axis stroke up to ±360 degrees, which can meet different processing angles, suitable for finishing and roughing of flat parts and coarse cavity parts in aviation structures with fast moving speed and low energy consumption.

KINGTECH High-Speed Machining Center integrates functions of Milling, Drilling, Tapping and Chamfering. It is suitable for processing Aerospace and Slender products, such as long rafts, rims, floors, slides, etc., by adopting BT40 Spindle

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